Biography of Ukrainian tenor Ivan Kozlovsky

Ukrainian tenor Ivan Kozlovsky was born in the village Marianivka, Ukraine. He graduated from Mykola Lysenko music college in Kyiv. After Ivan Kozlovsky was invited to sing on the stage of Poltava Opera and later Karkiv Opera.

Faust was his debut at the stage of Polatava Opera where he performed until 1923. From 1923 until 1924 Ivan Kozlovsky sang on the stage of Kharkiv Opera. From 1926 until 1954 he performed at the stage of Bolshoi Opera in Moscow. He became the leading soloist of Bolshoi Opera. His repertoire: Faust, Andriy "Zaporozhts beyond Denube" by Gulak-Artemovsky, Vladimir "Dubrovsky, Werter, Alfredo "Traviata", Lensky, Rudolf "La Boheme", many roles in Ukrainian operas, Levko "May Night", Lohengrin and many others, more than 50 opera roles. From 1954 until 1991 Ivan Kozlovsky gave many concerts. In his 70th birth anniversaty he sang  Lohengrin at the stage of Bolshoi Opera with a big success. He had taught vocal at the conservatory for many years and was a director of Opera performances.

Photo album

Ukrainian arias performed by Ivan Kozlovsky

                      Sister of Ivan Kozlovsky

                   Father of Ivan Kozlovsky

        School teacher of Ivan Kozlovsky

Museum of Ivan Kozlovsky in Ukraine

Monument of Ivan Kozlovsky in Kyiv, Ukraine

Ave Maria performed by Ukrainian tenor Ivan Kozlovsky

Aria Fernando from opera "La favorita" performed by Ukrainian tenor Ivan Kozlovsky