Ukrainian opera singer Taras Shtonda- bass
Aria from opera Don Quichotte performed by  Taras Shtonda

Aria from opera Don Quichotte
Art song by  S.Rakhmaninov
performed by  Taras  Shtonda
Orpheus and Lyra
Design by Natalia Kouzmina

Taras Shtonda  as  Kochubey  from opera "Mazeppa" by  P.Tchaikovsky at the stage of Kyiv Opera, Ukraine
New CD release
Shestokovich Symphony 13 "Babi Yar"
Composer : Dmitry Shostakovich
Main performer: Taras Shtonda
Conductor: Roman Kofman
Orchestra: Bonn Beethovenhalle Orchestra

Taras Shtonda  as Ramfis in opera "Aida", Kyiv Opera, Ukraine
Taras Shtonda in film-opera  "Zhaporozhets beyound Dunabe"  ( based on Ukrainian opera
by Gulak - Artemovsky ) by  Ukrainian Dovzhebko film production company
Taras Shtonda as Phillip from opera "Don Carlos", Kyiv Opera, Ukraine
Taras Shtonda as Boris  from opera "Boris Godunov"
at the stage of Moscow Bolshoi Opera
National Philharmonic of Ukraine. Taras Shtonda will perform in concert " Triumph of Opera. Gala Verdi" that prepered with the Italian Cultural Institute in Ukraine and dedicates to the 195th anniversary of birth of Italian composer Verdi. Concert will held on June 20, 2008
Taras Shtonda as Ramfis "Aida" at the stage of Kyiv Opera.
Taras Shtonda as King Rene from opera "Iolanta" , Kyiv Opera, Ukraine
Ukrainian art song  performed by Taras Shtonda
Old folk song performed by Taras Shtonda
Ukrainian art song performed by Taras Shtonda
July 16, 2008 Taras Stonda as Boris in opera Boris Godunov performed with Moscow Bolshoi Opera in Athens.

" Opera singers and musicians were met with a great ovation specially  Taras Shtonda as Boris and
A.Vedernikov as conductor".
listen Taras Shtonda as Boris Godunov (last scene of Boris)
Concert in Denmark ( 10/25/08 )
A concert to commemorate victims of genocide famine and political repressions in Ukraine. Requiem for Those who starved to death
by Stalin regime (music by Ukrainian composer Evhen Stankevych.)
London, May 3, 2008.
Taras Shtonda and conductor Ihor Pylatuk after concert in Kyiv, in May 2009.
Taras Shtonda  performed at the stage of Prague State Opera as Zaccaria in opera Nabucco on April 10, 2009.

Taras Shtonda's concert at National Philharmonic of Ukraine on October 18, 2009.

Taras Shtonda as Boris Godunov at the stage of Bolshoi Opera

September 23, 2009

Aria of  Escamilio  from opera"Carmen"

Serenada of Mefestofel from  opera"Faust" by G.Gounod

Art song by Schumann

Ukrainian art song by Platon Maiboroda performed by Taras Shtonda at the concert in Kyiv, Ukraine

Scene from performance of opera "Taras Bulba" at the stage of Kyiv Opera,Ukraine

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