Franco  Corelli
True art never belongs to the past, but remains
a  source of emotions forever alive and present.
"A voice of  heroic power,
yet  with great beauty of tone;
darkly  sensuous, mysteriously  melancholic... but above all,
a voice of thunder and lightning,
fire and blood".

Herbert von Karajan
In 1964  Franco Corelli had
anticipated debut at the Paris
Opera. The critic writing in
"Le Figaro" called Corelli's
a "sun-like voice".
The reviewer for "Le  Monde"
wrote that: Corelli now owns
the treasure that all the great
singers dream about.
He has found the ideal support for his breath that will allow him to pass from mezze voci
to high notes in full power, which makes the audience jump to their feet.
In The New York Herald-Tribune
writer Alan Rich admitted:"There
is no tenor in modern times, Italian or otherwise, whose voice
rings out with greater vibrancy,
whose every tone carries with it
emotion at white hit.
The sounds he makes, seemingly without effort, are
dazzlingly bright, urgent, and
Herbert von Karajan about Franco Corelli (specifically of his Manrico in the maestro's famous production of
Il Trovatore at the 1962 Salzburg Festival